Own-brand breakfast cereals on the rise

Breakfast has long been known as the most important meal of the day, but with busy schedules, hectic commutes and jam-packed diaries, finding that spare moment for a bite to eat to start the day is fast becoming a thing of the past. In fact, one in five people say they don’t have any time for breakfast at all, according to research from Mintel about breakfast eating habits.

In response to the nation’s changing lifestyles, ‘convenience’ breakfasts have entered the market. Desk-friendly options, branded by some as ‘deskfast’, have seen portable alternatives like cereal bars, biscuits and even smoothies grow in popularity.

A recent YouGov survey conducted on behalf of RingCentral UK (NYSE: RNG), found that Britons are working increasingly longer hours with a third working more than 10 hours a day, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that on-the-go eating has become something of the norm, although consumers do not want to pay a fancy price tag for it.

With a struggling economy in the UK and inflation leading to less consumer spending, value for money has to be at the top of consumer’s checklists when making any purchasing decisions.

With breakfast eating and spending habits shifting, Pioneer Foods, leading manufacturer of breakfast cereals, has been quick to adapt to the changing market.

John Hiles, CEO says: “Attitudes to own-brand products have really altered over the years, with most consumers opting to buy them over branded options as they see them as a good quality option for less money.”

Recent research by Cambridge Market Research has revealed that the majority of consumers actually rate own-label products higher in smell, taste, texture, appearance, initial appeal and overall impression than branded products.

 “Consumers are much better informed about the products they are buying than in previous years and are far more likely to investigate the real value of products than to rely on brand names. This change in attitude is fundamental in helping shape the own-brand market,” continues John.

And despite working days getting longer and schedules getting busier breakfast cereal continues to remain a firm universal favourite, with nine in ten people still enjoying cereal for breakfast, and half of these reporting to eat a bowl every day. (Mintel)

Did you know? Pioneer Foods is one of only 2 manufacturers of Wheat biscuits in the Northern hemisphere.