Mission Statement

Pioneer Foods UK vision

To be in the breakfast bowl of one in four people who buy own brands.

To help make eating fruit a bit easier, and without the mess or waste, by creating a range of fruit snacks packed with goodness.

Pioneer Foods UK mission

To make our customers open their door to our products and ideas because they can always see how their customers will love what we do.

To help mums by providing handy fruit snacks to naturally fuel their kids’ daily fun.

Pioneer Foods UK values

Working as a team drives everything we do – internally, in the way we work with customers and in the products we supply to consumers.

We are helpful and mindful of others and take the time to see things through their eyes.

We've got drive. We've got passion. We don't stop.

We're energetic, full of ideas, keen to try new things, and our glass is half full.

Did you know that Pioneer Foods UK is one of only 2 manufacturers of Wheat biscuits in the Northern hemisphere! The site produces in excess of 250,000 bowls of breakfast cereal daily.

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